LEGO Star Wars: ‘Flash Speeder’ Set [75091]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £34.99
Release Date: June 2015
No. of pieces: 312
Build Time: 30-40 Minutes approx.

As the Battle of Naboo rages on, bring the Naboo security forces and their Gungan ally Captain Tarpals into the action with the maneuverable LEGO® Star Wars Flash Speeder. This modified landspeeder has an open cockpit with space for a driver and 3 minifigure passengers, as well as opening storage compartments. When the battle really heats up, man the rotating, spring-loaded shooter at the back and fend off the Battle Droid forces. There are even 2 extra spring-loaded shooters built into the side-mounted engines for extra firepower!

The first in this summer’s LEGO Star Wars line that ToysWorld will be reviewing is the ‘Flash Speeder [75091]’ set, which is the entry level set, retailing at £34.99.

For this particular set, we are whisked back to the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, as the speeder – complete with a Naboo Security Guard, a Naboo Security Officer and Gungan Captain Tarpals – fend off the attack of the Battle Droids.

Whilst this particular scene didn’t happen on-screen, it’s fun to have a Gungan mini-figure in the mix as you strike down the Battle Droids with the speeder’s missiles. As for the speeder itself, it has a number of great little features, including 3 missile launchers – 2 of which swivel up and down, and the other giving full 360 rotation – driver and passenger doors which slide up to open, 2 secret storage compartments and room to seat 4 mini-figures.

The total build time was between 30-45 minutes and it was enjoyable to see the speeder take form over the various build sections commander cialis france.

The only niggle was the price point. This felt more like a £29.99 set, and with the speeder itself measuring just 18cm in length and width (at its widest point), that extra £5 could have included some more battle droids or a fuel pump (as with the ‘Naboo Starfighter [75092]’ set) – this could attach quite nicely to the hole at the back of the vehicle.

What the kids thought:
(Amelia, Age 5)

“It’s cool that the speeder can fire 3 weapons. I like the wings because people can stand on them – you can also fit 4 people in the speeder. As there are discs on the bottom of the speeder, when you push it along it looks like it is floating! The Gungan is really funny because he has very long ears!”


lego-starwars-flashspeeder-1  lego-starwars-flashspeeder-2

lego-starwars-flashspeeder-3  lego-starwars-flashspeeder-4

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