LEGO Ninjago: ‘Temple Of Airjitsu’ Set [70751]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £169.99
Release Date: September 2015
No. of pieces: 2028
Build Time: 4 Hours approx.

productinfoEnjoy the ultimate LEGO® NINJAGO™ building experience as you construct the majestic Temple of Airjitzu and surrounding village! The highly detailed Temple building has many delightful architectural features including Oriental–style decorated windows and sliding doors. The intricate wooden-frame-style walls of the nearby Blacksmiths and beautiful curved roofs of the Smugglers Market will also test your LEGO building skills. And with every Ninja included in one set for the first time, plus loads of other key characters, you can role-play all your favorite NINJAGO adventures. Take tea in the reception area of the Temple, practice your Ninja moves in the training room or join Wu in his study to read or paint. Discover the Ninja glider upstairs at the Blacksmith’s workshop, cross the bridge guarded by the stone dragons and seek out hidden treasure at the Smugglers’ Market. Then turn off the lights in your room to watch the Temple’s illuminated spinning shadow theater!

It’s the biggest set we’ve ever built! Top marks to the design team at LEGO who came up with the Temple Of Airjitsu – there is so much going on, so much to look at and so much to do. The attention to detail is particularly impressive, from the graphics on the signs and the oriental angling of the roofs, to the rice paper effect on the windows and doors.

We’ve broken down some of the main features into the 3 main corresponding sections of the build:

The Blacksmiths
The Blacksmith shop and house is a wooden-style structure, sandwiched between two maple-style trees, which also has a cool, fallen leaf effect on the right side of the build. The attic section of the shop houses the glider and a rat, who hides in the side panelling. The ground floor is where the action happens, and pride and place in the centre is the blacksmith’s anvil, where he makes his swords and knives.

The Smugglers Market
One of our favourite sections in the whole set; the market features a bread and fish market on the bottom, and on the top level – and here’s where the ‘smuggler’ part gets its name – there are chests hidden under the oriental roofing. There are some other cool little touches, including some fishing rods (no doubt to catch the wares to sell in the market), and some Ninjago trading cards hidden in the post bag.

The Temple
Split over 3 main levels, as well as the basement theatre and attic, the temple is jam-packed with features and details to keep your attention. Starting from the very bottom, you have the shadow theatre – it’s perhaps one of, if not, THE, coolest features of the entire set. There’s a crank wheel which you push and turn, and when the room lights are off, the theatre will light up and spin, creating a magical nod to the oriental Shadow Play of old.

As you work your way up the stone steps to the first level (passing the stone statue of Wu as you go), you reach Wu’s tea room, where you can chill out and meditate. Then as we go out to the second level, things get a little more animated as we enter the ninja training room for all your Ninjago mini-figures to sharpen their skills. On the top floor you reach Wu’s study where he can paint and read. Just above is a little attic crawl space, which houses Cole’s box of stuff. If the rat from the blacksmith’s ever gets bored, theres plenty of room for him up here!

Tying the 3 builds together is the bridge, where you can fish, or just take in the surroundings. There is some lovely detail here and it really adds the finishing touch to the entire set.

If you love mini-figures, prepare to be spoiled with this set as you get a whopping 12 figures to contend with! You get Wu in his new gold robes, Kai, Cole, Lloyd, Jay, Zane, Nya, Claire, Jesper, Misako (with new grey hair), Postman and Dareth. With so many mini-figures, the temple set really comes alive and feels populated.

The build was hard work in one sitting, (our choice) but totally worth it, and thoroughly enjoyable. We clocked the build time at around 4 Hours, with the main, central section taking up the majority of the timeframe. The two buildings either side (The Blacksmiths & The Smugglers Market), connect to the main temple, with the previously mentioned ornate bridge – complete with stone dragons, bringing the whole set together.

Whist the price tag may sit at a hefty £169.99, you really do get excellent value for money, and if you’re looking for an ideal Birthday or Christmas present for a loved one (or yourself), you can’t go wrong with the Temple Of Airjitsu!



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One thought on “LEGO Ninjago: ‘Temple Of Airjitsu’ Set [70751]

  1. I always wanted this set (Along with the rest of the 2015 Ninjago sets, but I don’t think I will ever get this, (only a teenager)

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