REVIEW – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Outrider Dropship Attack [76101]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £11.99
Release Date: March 2018
No. of pieces: 124
Build Time: 40 Mins approx.

productinfoJoin Captain America and Black Widow’s battle to repel the Outriders and save Wakanda with this action-packed LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 76101 Outrider Dropship Attack set!


As Marvel hits the 10 year marker for their cinematic universe, the demand for superhero movies is as strong today as it was back then. The Avengers, which acts as a bi-annual ‘bringing the band back together’ movie event, carries with it an extra hit of superhero saturation that’s a surefire crowd-pleaser. LEGO, once again, have come up with a range to compliment key scenes from the lastest movie (Infinity War), with a variety of sets to suit every pocket.

ToysWorld are kicking off with the Outrider Dropship Attack set, which is on the low end of the range, retailing at just £11.99.

There are just two bags in this set, but with 124 pieces, and a 40-minute build time, it felt like extremely good value for money. The ship itself, although small, is fantastic! Visually it’s quite striking with the neon gun studs, teal panel details, and turquoise windows. All four of the side panels of the ship open out like a flower, and there is seating room for the 2 x Outrider Minifiugures, included in the set.

Also included are a Captain America Minifigure (with Wakandan shields) and Black Widow Minifigure (with 2 x batons).

There’s a neat little infinity stone element in the ship, which, although simple, opens up playability for the heroes to rescue the stone from the Outrider’s ship.

For the price, playability and visual appeal, we cannot fault this set, and it’s a great entry level pack for the LEGO Super Heroes Infinity War series.

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