LEGO City: ‘Fire Utility Truck’ [60111]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £29.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 368
Build Time: 50 Minutes approx.

productinfoBattle the blaze and keep the TV stations on air!

Get your firefighting gear on, there’s a fire at the TV satellite tower! Rush to the scene in the Fire Utility Truck to fight the flames. Climb in the cherry picker and use the special stud-shooting hose to douse the flames from above. Adventure doesn’t take a break in LEGO® City!

We continue our series of 2016 LEGO City ‘Fire’ reviews with the Fire Utility Truck [60111] set.

The great thing about this year’s LEGO City Fire range is that there are numerous vehicles you can purchase – both in sets and standalone. Whilst there are a number of fire engines / trucks, they are all different in their own way, and each have their own specific number marker. In the Fire Utility Truck set you get engine No. 11, which features a shorter fire truck that pulls a trailer.

There is fantastic attention to detail with this truck, from the slatted side shutters, which lift up to reveal a utility crate inside, to the controls, tool racks and exhaust piping, which, all together look really striking. The trailer that snaps on, features a full 360° rotating rescue crane that extends up and collapses down to a really neat resting position. There are lovely little lever details and a printed control piece, as well as a water stud shooter on the side, which includes the hose rope we saw in the fire engine from the main LEGO Fire Station [60110] set. There are clips at the back of the main truck for you to store tools, and there’s further storage for the shooter studs on the trailer.

The other main feature of this set is the TV satellite tower and rotating dish, which rests on an 8×8 green base plate and has a grey power console unit. You also get 3 fire elements to use on the 3 levels of the tower. With the water stud shooter from the truck you can knock off the 3 fire elements, giving the impression you have successfully extinguished the fire.

You get 3 minifigures included in the set; a male firefighter, a female firefighter and a technician. It’s so nice to see that LEGO are including female firefighters throughout the entire range – gender equality is clearly something that the brand cares about and it reflects LEGO‘s ability to evolve and move with the times.

At £29.99, compared to the Fire Response Unit [60108] set, which retails at £24.99, you don’t feel like you’re getting quite as much – and for more money. That being said, the brick to cost ratio is still above the norm for LEGO and it’s well worth the asking price.



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