LEGO City: ‘Fire Response Unit’ [60108]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £24.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 257
Build Time: 45 Minutes approx.

productinfoCall the Fire Response Unit for help!

Race to the scene where a worker calls for help! Zoom in on your motorcycle to fight the flames. If you can’t reach the fire, call in the Fire Response Unit helicopter and help the firefighters put out the container fire with a tank full of water. It’s another job well done!

We continue our series of 2016 LEGO City ‘Fire’ reviews with the Fire Response Unit set.

If you purchased the LEGO Fire Station [60110] you’ll know that you get a helicopter as one of the three vehicles included in the set. But there are helicopters and then there are HELICOPTER’S. 🙂 In the Fire Response Unit set, you very much get the latter, and it’s got some great features. There are rotating blades on both the top and the tail, and there’s a nifty fire extinguishing feature, activated by lowering the searchlight arm underneath the vehicle. This will drop up to 5 clear blue ‘water’ bricks, which, in turn, have a rather cool affect on the next build included in the set.

The gas cylinder container is a rectangular build that has a fire-laden flip-top roof which, once you’ve dropped the water bricks from the helicopter, will turn to give the impression you have extinguished the fire. This is a genius element to the set and even if most of your attempts miss their target, all it takes is one good hit to activate it. There’s some fantastic attention to detail to the container itself, with corrugated panelling around the outside, as well as a tool rack on the left side, a ladder for roof access, space inside to store more gas cylinders, and a fire hazard sticker on the front.

Also included is a small motorcycle with the ability to clip a yellow fire extinguisher on the side, for that extra ‘on-the-ground’ assistance.

You get 3 mini figures in the set; a Firefighter, a Helicopter Pilot and a worker, who comes complete with trolley and headphones to really give off that “I’ve been given responsibility for something that maybe I shouldn’t have” feel that seems to be the catalyst for the set’s existence. 🙂

Build time was around 45 minutes and whilst the helicopter took the majority of it, we were so impressed with the container and its fire-extinguishing feature, that it was, in our opinion, just as important and fun to build.

We couldn’t find fault with anything in this set; it has way more than you would expect for a £24.99 price point, and combined with other sets in the range, LEGO have firefighting covered for air and land.



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