i-Que Intelligent Robot – [Violet]

Manufacturer: Violet
RRP: £64.99
Release Date: March 2015
Ages: 5-14 Years

productinfoi-Que is an interactive, intelligent robot! He has a wicked sense of humour, with lots of jokes and some cheeky sound effects! Watch him move as he thinks and speaks. Play games, see if you can match his ‘i-Que’ by doing his quizzes, or ask him questions about pretty much anything. i-Que has internet safe search filters and by using speech-to-text technology he can understand almost anything you say. (Needs iOS or Android smart device with internet connection.) When i-Que isn’t connected to a smart device he’ll say robot phrases and SFX and can be played with like an action figure with 6 points of articulation.

Robots have never failed to have a huge appeal with kids. For many they represent a tangible product of the future, but due to technology available, and the associated costs that go with it, there’s never really been a cost-effective and genuinely entertaining, long-term toy that the kids won’t tire with after 10 minutes. Enter the i-Que Intelligent Robot!

For those of us with memories that go back to the 1980’s, some of you may remember TOMY‘s ‘My Robot OMS-B Dingbot‘; a cute little Wall-E-esque robot that did…well…very little. It was pretty much all that was available at the time, robot-wise, but it was arguably the start of a story that has led to i-Que.

i-Que not only improves on every robot toy before it, but has taken some of the current popular technologies, such as WiFi, mobile apps and Bluetooth, and crafted it into a truly intelligent, entertaining and innovative product. As well as incorporating all the smart technology, the robot taps into the mind of your child, catering for their curious and competitive sides, whilst fulfilling their playful sides through jokes, games and obligatory toilet humour.

The robot can be controlled using your mobile device and you can test his knowledge by asking him a seemingly endless ream of questions as well as commands. Play some music and i-Que will even dance for you, showing off all 6 of his points of articulation and actions. You can also easily block any unwanted words (in addition to the pre-blocked words that come standard).

The price point of £64.99 is pretty reasonable, too – especially considering the sheer volume of features i-Que packs in. One final point is that robots have generally appealed more to boys than girls, and due to the neutral colour scheme and feature set, girls will get just as much enjoyment out of i-Que. This is a product that has set a new standard in robotic toys and will be sure to hold your child’s interest for a long time to come!


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